Twisted Challenge Welcomes You & All You Know

Get your tickets to this year's October Escape Challenge, before time runs out.

October Escape Challenge:

This is an up to two hour competition where you are placed on up to three teams. Each team will have up to 7 people. You and your teammates will start your journey in front of Big Al's in Ontario, California. From this starting location everyone will board the shuttle that will take you to your timed challenge. During the ride you will receive the information about the world you will be stepping into. Once you have arrived at your destination, each team will be escorted to its starting room and the challenge will officially begin.  All teams will compete to escape from multiple rooms with the next room being more difficult than the last. A team will be eliminated each round and escorted back to the shuttle area.

*This event is not recommended for children under 14 and this venue is not handicapped accessible due to stairs.

**A team will only move on to the next level if they complete the first level before time runs out and before the other teams they are racing against. If no other teams are present the team must still escape before time runs out in order to move on. Failure to do so will result in your team being eliminated.